"From Murder Incorporated to the PGA Tour"

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"The Four Corners: a Sicilian Story" 


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"Lucky Says Hello"

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Peter Cimino - Author

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"From Murder Incorporated to the PGA Tour"

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Chuck Workman

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A riveting, unfathomable memoir of PGA Tour Player 

& Entrepreneur Chuck Workman; 

son of notorious hit man, Charlie "The Bug" Workman.

The man who took out Dutch Schultz in 1935 .

How the most notorious mobsters of his time

led him to a straight life of respect,

success and happiness.

A feel good story from the most unlikeliest of sources: The MOB



Big Pete

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The Four Corners: a Sicilian Story

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Business and honor go hand-in-hand for humble Sicilian businessman Pete Carissimo, but one fateful night he discovers that the two can clash in the worst ways. When he stumbles upon the infamous 'Lucky' Luciano, beaten and left for dead, Pete saves the man's life. In doing so, he earns the mobster's undying gratitude and Lucky doesn't take his debts lightly. Pete, a well-respected, aspiring politician, is quickly drawn into a business opportunity he simply can't refuse.