Elyse Draper - Author of

Science Fiction, Fantasy

& Dark Fiction

Tiffany Johnson -

Psychic Medium,

Author, Life Coach

Staci Boyer - Pride Athlete,

Personal Trainer, Owner of Motiv8nu, & Author from Naperville, IL

Dr. Jessica Lynn Pereplyotchik: 

Inspirational Author, CEO

at Badazz Runners

Amy Holder - Author

of Teen Fiction

Armada West - Fantasy, Sci-Fi,

Romance Author

Mandy McEwen -

Digital Marketing Consultant;

Founder of ModGirl Marketing

Ashly Galante -

Professional Bowler,

USBC Bronze Coach,

Certified Pro Shop Operator 

Zeppe's - 529 W 87th St

Naperville, IL

Kate Lelek - Graphic Design Artist; Creator of the cover and sketches for, "the Four Corners, a Sicilian Story

Diandra Asbaty -

Professional Bowler, Bowling

Coach, Owner of IAB,


KK Allen - Paranormal

Fantasy Author

The one and ONLY - Charlie Blood's

of Garfield.

Their food will KNOCK YOU OUT! 

Kimberly K. Fox-

Murder Mystery & Romance Novelist

Brett Ellen Block: Award

Winning International Author, Writing Coach, Query Coach.

Simona Pellegrini -

Paranormal, Fantasy Romance

Author. From the UK via Italy.

Kim Cresswell - Fiction and NonFiction Crime Author

​​Francesca's Passaggio Restaurant

Rte. 59. Naperville, IL

Plainfield Lanes

15610 S. Joliet Rd

Plainfield, IL

Peter Cimino - Author

Mary J. Dressel - Author of Contemporary

Western Romance